The energy of Morandi and Jovanotti triumphs at the Sanremo cover evening with a Lorenzo in perfect Brioni style

Not just music

The Italian Song Festival, Sanremo,  now in its seventy-second edition, has always been and continues to be the stage for everything that is trendy. If on the one hand music is the undisputed protagonist, on the other it can be said that fashion is no exception, along with elements and interventions of culture and society. In reality these elements build and intersect each other. Each musical artist, or group of artists, represents himself not only through his singing proposal but also by resorting to certain elements of style which when well coordinated are real extensions of the message of the artist himself, of the musical text and his meanings. On the fourth evening of the Festival, the one dedicated to the covers, Gianni Morandi and Lorenzo Jovanotti competed and won with the song “open all doors”. The duet worked very well showing a great affinity for grit and style too. Both took to the Ariston stage wearing perfect black & white coordinates: cream white jacket, black trousers, bow tie, respectively by Giorgio Armani for Morandi Brioni for Jovanotti. Without detracting from the elegance of King George, it is indisputable to observe how flawless the style of Brioni in the construction of the jackets is truly impeccable. Brioni wins in Sanremo. Since its foundation in 1945 by two visionaries, Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini, Brioni has quickly gained the appreciation of the international scene for its sartorial excellence. Its slow luxury style allows each of its garments to be perfectly designed, packaged and cared for with extreme dedication, ready to challenge the challenge of time. Brioni’s “human touch” is a true philosophy of both tailoring and corporate. All the garments are handmade in Italy using skilled craftsmanship and tailoring techniques with a careful approach to people, production and the environment for a quality and sustainable luxury. Each season only the number of models and quantities necessary are produced to avoid the disposal of excess products and the waste of the precious natural fabrics used. This year, after Brad Pitt, Jude Law and Raff Law were chosen as new brand ambassadors to represent Brioni in the Spring / Summer 2022 advertising campaign: “The elegance of the Laws impeccably embodies the urban style of the Roman Maison”. Come and discover the Brioni selection by Michele Franzese Moda.