The international stars parade on the croisette of CANNES 75 in a magical atmosphere that was so much missed

Big events

2022 is truly the year of great returns. After the resumption of the physical events of the Fashion Weeks at full speed, the world of cinema and the whole world of glamor has returned to fascinate, live, with its great events. The recent celebrations of the Academy Awards of the Oscars 2022  have certainly thrilled and surprised us, in this case by a really too “physical” slap of Will Smith to Chris Rock; but also the Met Gala 2022 made us dream, with a more romantic event in this case, with the surprise reaction of a Ryan Reynolds left literally speechless to see his wife Blake Lively on the red carpet reach him in a sumptuous dress definitely in theme for the big event. In this month of May 2022, one of the decidedly most important events on the international scene of cinema but also of fashion and glamor is back: the Cannes festival. The French town on the Côte d’Azur has always had an aura of magic, charm, taste and refinement that distinguish the home of haute couture.

“The Festivals”

If the 2020 edition was canceled and the 2021 one was postponed to July, due to the impending Covid, this year the festival for its 75th edition is definitely ready to give us many emotions with its many stars and its various events present. on the calendar. Yes, because Cannes is not only great cinema or rather it is great cinema brought into life. The most exclusive event will be the final party on May 26 of Amfar, the grand charity gala to support the collection of funds for research to combat HIV which over the years with its famous auctions has managed to raise 245 million. dollars. This year the theme of this event will be Let’s Get Married and Robert De Niro will be the guest of honor, a basic ticket for this exclusive event starts at 13,000€.

Brioni is Top (Gun)

And here, speaking of returns, we cannot fail to focus on the fact that this edition of the Cannes festival is characterized by a huge return that flies directly and literally from the sky: we are talking about the return of the cult film of the 80s and 90s, Top Gun with Tom Cruise. After 36 years, in fact, the highly anticipated sequel of a cinematic icon that was already out of time is back on the scene, with the title “Top Gun: Maverick”. Tom Cruise, known for years for his confidence in everything that is on the line of “danger”, arrived, or rather landed, in Cannes directly by helicopter, piloted by him, obviously arousing great amazement in the audience who welcomed him. with a standing ovation. The star, 60 on July 3, had been away from Cannes for 30 years and decided to return precisely to celebrate his highly anticipated come back. The festival wanted to celebrate him, among other things, paying homage to him with a surprise career award. The film is out of competition but has contributed to crowding the French red carpet with even more international stars, as most of the cast arrived with Tom. In fact, in the company of him Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell and Miles Teller and the director Joseph Kosinski. Tom Cruise greeted those present by parading in Giorgio Armani with an elegant tuxedo, Jennifer Connelly more beautiful than ever in a metallic Louis Vuitton, but deserves special attention Glen Powell who really captured the attention thanks to the style of the top brand Brioni introducing himself in a white tuxedo, a white dress shirt and black pants. Brioni is TOP(GUN). Come and discover the elegance and timeless style of Brioni on Michele Franzese Moda.