For the presentation of the new film Monodrome, the star Adrien Brody enchanted the red carpet

Brioni at the Berlinale

An unmissable appointment for all lovers of cinema, culture and the whole world of style and fashion linked to the great celebs present: the 73rd edition of the Berlin International Film Festival. The International Film Festival of the German capital, also known as the Berlinale, began on February 16 and will end on Sunday 26. The history of the Berlinale begins in 1951 and over the course of over seventy years the event has gained increasing popularity, becoming today one of the most followed events on the international scene. Since 2000 it has been held at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz which for the occasion takes the name of Berlinale Palast. Numerous films are present, including those in competition and those out of competition. The most important awards of the event are the Golden Bear for best film and the various Silver Bears, including best director, and for the best performance both in the lead and in the supporting role. This year, the jury will be Kristen Stewart, one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, together with  Golshifteh Farahani, Valeska Grisebach, Radu Jude, Francine Maisler, Carla Simón and Johnnie To. The presentation of a highly anticipated film, Monodrome, with Adrien Brody, was held on Saturday 18 February. Director John Trengove’s new work is a film that focuses on the dynamics of toxic masculinity, male and chauvinist power and the violence that comes with it. Trengove recounts the genesis of his film as follows: “I started thinking about the subject of the film about two years ago when I came across online communities of this type of men who formed groups for different reasons. And so I had the idea of a character who just immerses himself in a very male world that blurs the lines between camaraderie and sexuality and all this leads to a kind of madness, a kind of fever dream… Since then, since I had the idea for the subject, these groups have become many more and are more mainstream. It was still pretty important to me not to make an authority film or an internet culture film. As a queer filmmaker, I found it interesting to address this idea of the chosen family of men, these people who feel disenfranchised or marginalized in some way, who then come together and create their own communities as a way of rehabilitation and self-healing. Part of what interested me is how radical ideology reaches the mainstream. Adrien Body, who plays the devious and charismatic Father Dan, the leader of a male supremacist cult, commented on his involvement in the project: “I was very impressed with John’s film. I was very impressed by the complexity of the narrative and nuances of interpretations. I think there is something similar in Manodrome, thematically. In addition to toxic masculinity, problems present in society as a whole are represented. It speaks of the disconnect between what we intrinsically perceive as the truth and what we are bombarded with, which then becomes a truth. All of our collective doubts, unresolved traumas create these rifts. John is very thorough and I have tried to bring my own effort into this project. We spent months communicating before I got the role: we discussed the character, trying to find his own truth and the way to make him evolve… Life gives you a series of perspectives and therefore when s and young you have less, I speak from experience. I was much more reactive when I was younger, driven by emotions, and that’s something John and I have been discussing about the character of Father Dan and his relationship with Ralphie.” For the Monodrome presentation evening, Brody chose to wear an iconic brand loved by the most important celebrities in the world, including Brad Pitt and Jude Law: Brioni. The actor wore a classic brown and navy Prince of Wales suit, brown twill shirt, gray wool plaid tie, and gray Chelsea boots. For over seventy-five years, the Brioni maison has been the absolute sartorial choice of the most iconic men in the world, in all highly successful sectors, from entertainment to business, confident men who choose to wear Italian style and craftsmanship to remain indelible in the memory of the collective imagination, exhibiting, without showing off, an impeccable and timeless elegance. Brioni at the Berlinale! Come and discover the famous brand on Michele Franzese Moda.