Brad Pitt fascinates everyone at the world premiere of Chazelle’s new movie wearing a stunning Tom Ford

Great cinema is back and Brad Pitt could only be there! The film in question is a real kolossal and is Babylon directed by Oscar director Damien Chazelle. The film tells the fascinating and roaring Hollywood of the 1920s, the epochal transition from silent to sound in film production, the sweet life of California in those years, its vices, its scandals. The screenplay centers on a story of ambition and success by recounting the rise and fall of various characters in parallel with the birth of the big Hollywood industry. Chazelle considered the plot almost like his declaration of love to direction and cinema. The absolute star protagonist of this film, nominated for 5 Golden Globes, is Jack Conrad played by a great Brad Pitt. Chazelle said he’s had this project in mind since his 2014 hit film Whiplash: “I wanted to capture how big and bold and brash and unapologetic that early Hollywood was. It was really a Wild West time for these people, for this gallery of characters, getting up and falling down, up, down, up again, down again… It was definitely the hardest thing I ever did: the logistics, the number of characters, the scope of the scenes, the time frame in which the film takes place all contributed to making it particularly challenging… The idea of ​​Pitt in this role seemed very “meta” to me, in the most handsome Brad conveys the idea of an old school star, he has an endless appeal”. On the opposite side also Brad Pitt, in great shape and always very fascinating even with his 58 years, said he enthusiastically joined this great cinematographic work: “I wanted to work with Chazelle ever since Whiplash, struck by his kinetic energy, by the freshness . I love measuring myself against young authors, embracing their courage, originality, ambition. Babylon is a choral tale of characters who aim to be part of something bigger than themselves. My Jack Conrad is the greatest star of the moment, at the peak of success, he masters the technique, he believes in cinema as an art, he says “we must innovate, inspire”. And it is he who lays down the law, at least at the beginning…I based myself on various actors, on the biographies of John Gilbert and Douglas Fairbanks but I have seen films by Rudolph Valentino, I confess that I had not understood their charm before having rediscovered and studied them . Silent films had no dialogue to rely on, just signs, so the interpretations, the looks, have a different style than today…I also studied Italian for the first scenes of the film, it wasn’t easy but I brought it home ”. Babylon arrives in theaters in Italy on January 19th. The premiere in Los Angeles took place on Friday 15 December and the occasion was definitely a super glamorous event through which the protagonists of the film and the author were able to show the best of themselves to an anxiously waiting audience. On the occasion of the world premiere in Los Angeles Brad Pitt star of Babylon bewitched everyone by showing off an impeccable style on the red carpet mixing, as usual, elegance and informality, exhibiting an iconic relaxed finesse that could belong to the creation of only one huge high-end brand fashion: Tom Ford. The star wore a black Tom Ford Cooper dress in reverse twill organza with a classic shirt, with two open buttons, with a barrel cuff and Gianni cap toe boots. A truly impeccable choice but we could only expect it from a star of this caliber. We just have to wait for the release of the film in Italian cinemas to be able to participate in this great cinematographic work as we have not seen for some time and to be able to admire Brad Pitt star of Babylon. We at Michele Franzese Moda will be there, and you?