Bottega Veneta, the Italian firm of the French luxury group Kering, leaves from its social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, on which it had 2.5 million followers. Despite the weight of online sales, often linked to social networks, the gesture of moving away from the confusion and constant chatter of the Internet corresponds to the image that Bottega Veneta has always conveyed, namely that of a hyper-exclusive brand with whispered luxury. Even Daniel Lee, leading the style since 2018, has always avoided public profiles. And in 2019, Marketing Director Dario Gargiulo said “First of all, we put the emphasis on beauty and the subtlety of subtlety. We avoid providing detailed explanations about our brand to be visible and present in today’s multicultural landscape “. Daniel Lee chose London to present his latest Spring-Summer 2021 collection to a few close friends last October, then unveiling it on the web just two months later.