Blumarine is among the protagonists of Milano Moda donna with an Autumn / Winter 2021 collection tribute to the 2000s. Between Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, the creative director Nicola Brognano talks about his fascination for the early 2000s, when glam and pop music were not seen as frivolity but as a narration of the lightness of life. Bold, sexy, provocative and with vibrant colors, Blumarine pays homage to women in all their splendor, sensuality, strength, belief in falling in love with their body and getting lost in a world of optimism and lightness. The butterfly is an Icon of the entire collection, a symbol of transformation covered with diamonds, a symbol of delicate frivolity, beauty and mysterious transformation, both as a printed motif and as an accessory on belts or dresses, gives the clothes an exquisitely Blumarine ironic and playful accent. Sensual is the key word of the entire line: a light knitwear, crocheted and with a lingerie effect is accompanied by denim (embellished with animal prints, studs or small crystals). Pastel-colored dresses or micro tops embellished with fake fur give the final touch to a collection that releases joie de vivre and desire for seduction.

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