They looked like Spice girls, but they are among the 4 most loved women by Italian television. The queen of Mediaset, Maria De Filippi, brought them together and relaunched the girls power for the Amici final. A jury of women that the public liked. And not only.

Starting with Ilary Blasi, a rider in the long with a magnificent understanding of Alexandre Vauthier made available to her by Michele Franzese, to continue with Silvia Toffanin who instead chose a candid princess like a princess, to move on to more rock Alessia Marcuzzi and Michelle Stylish hunziker in a wisteria suit: the quartet was really not to be missed. To captain them a very tough Loredana Bertè.

The performances did not spare jokes and double meanings. First, the dancer Rafael particularly appreciated by Blasi. “Mamma mia we are all excited,” said Ilary to her colleagues after one of his performances: “Do not be vague”. And Marcuzzi jokes: “Here, you need a glass of water I know,” he says to Ilary. Same scene in the following exhibition, with Silvia Toffanin who “waves” Ilary to make her look because the situation has become “hot”.

A relaxed climate, however, that does not convince much: by raising the undisputed friendship between Ilary and Toffanin, there are those who maintain that the climate is a bit tense between Marcuzzi and Blasi who continue to replay each other’s transmissions, in fact it seems that the next Gf vip will be conducted by Alessia. “Were they deliberately seated in the studio?” Someone on social media asks.