All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the United Negro College Fund, a fund to finance scholarships for black students


Evidently the Carter spouses are not content to dominate the music industry.

And so, after publishing an unreleased album (Everything Is Love, which sold 124 thousand copies only in America and only in the week of the debut) and to leave for an international tour (On The Run II, also arrived in Italy at the stadium San Siro in Milan and at the Olimpico in Rome) now the couple aims to conquer the fashion system.

If, in fact, Jay-Z has recently become the new creative director of the Puma section dedicated to basketball, Beyoncé is certainly not looking. And he launches a collection inspired by his latest Coachella looks with the French fashion house Balmain.
The birth of the idea, during the rehearsals of the festival

It was during the rehearsals of the iconic performance of Queen Bey at the American festival – which, not surprisingly, many later renamed Beychella – that Olivier Rousteing, the brand’s creative director, would have the idea of ​​Beyoncé x Balmain.

Specifically, it is a limited edition of college-style sweatshirts and t-shirts, in shades of yellow and black (as well as pink), which refer to the Alpha Phi Alpha, the first inter-university brotherhood created by African Americans.



Devolved the entire proceeds of the sale

In fact, Rousteing and Beyoncé decided to donate the entire proceeds of the sale to the United Negro College Fund, a fund for the funding of scholarships for black students, as well as for a series of historic universities and colleges. (37, specifically) founded before the Civil Rights Act of 1964.



«It’s not often that I can collaborate with someone I value a lot»

“What we have seen in the days of Coachella has been iconic. His performance, message and music, together with the looks we created together, helped to create one of those rare and indelible images that I believe will remain in the collective memory of my generation for a long time, “said Balmain’s creative director to the reasons that led to the creation of the limited edition. “I do not often get to work with someone I value a lot and from whom I can learn so much. The three months of meetings, talks on FaceTime and endless phone calls have undoubtedly been rewarded ».