Patrizio Bertelli, patron di Prada, gela i rumors su un passaggio di mano 

«Prada is not for sale. My son Lorenzo is getting ready to do one day, if he wants, the head of the group. For now he has started a learning path, in particular on communication ». So Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of the Prada group responded to those who asked him to comment on rumors that they want their 30-year-old son in preparation for the succession.

During a meeting with the press in Valvigna (Arezzo) for the presentation of the new industrial headquarters, Bertelli did not add that the passage of a witness with his eldest son (the second child Giuliosta still studying) is not however imminent: «I have no intention when I retire, “said the 72-year-old businessman.

During the presentation of the new headquarters of Valvigna in the Arezzo area (the result of an investment of just under € 70 million), Bertelli also explained that there would be no new acquisitions on the horizon: “Now the prices are really crazy, it would be stupid. ” The entrepreneur and husband of Miuccia Prada then touched on the theme of the fashion show calendars, after some fashion houses decided to rethink the traditional events of the men / women fashion shows twice a year.

“There are two appointments a year and we do not plan to change them. If the location of the fashion shows will be the same or not, we will see each other from time to time, “he clarified.

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