Belen Rodriguez and the little Santiago were guests of Pitti bimbo, where they paraded for the brand in Magicland


Belen Rodriguez, back completely regenerated from her trip to singles in Argentina, participated in Pitti bimbo, where she marched with little Santiago. Needless to say, the two were the most popular and photographed couple of the evening, despite the presence of many other mothers and VIP children.

What’s more beautiful than seeing a mother with her child? Then, if the mother in question is Belen Rodriguez, the magic becomes unique. The Argentinian showgirl was hosted with her son Santiago at Pitti bimbo, where they paraded for the brand Neil Barrett at Magicland.

Beautiful as the sun and smiling like never before, Belu and his son Stefano De Martino arrive on the catwalk hand in hand and, in the same way, parade, giving photographers poses for shots to scream. The little Santi seems a model born and after a normal initial embarrassment, he has melted so much that he has also spoken with journalists.

The child will be six years old in April and is a real volcano.

From the social videos that publish both mother Belen and father Stefano, Santi can not stand a minute and, like all the children of today, he throws himself with enthusiasm in every adventure that is proposed.

So much so was the parade and, as soon as I arrived at the hotel in Florence, Santiago appeared super excited by the experience that would have seen him, shortly thereafter, as a model.

Belenita, through a series of Instagram Stories, showed us the child’s reaction when, when he arrived at the hotel, he informed him that at Pitti bimbo there would be many other children.
Santiago and Belen, both dressed in a casual way, are among the special guests of Magicaland, an event organized in Florence to celebrate the twenty years of Daddato Spa, whose brands include MSGM Kids, Alberta Ferretti Juniors and GCDS Mini.

The child wears a hooded sweatshirt in perfect rock style, while the Rodriguez is a black trousers, white shirt and black stiletto heels.