The Attico, the Milan-based brand founded by Gilda Ambrosio and Giorgia Tordini is entering the world of beachwear with the “State of Nature” capsule collection. Offering 15 styles, spanning from bikinis to one-piece swimsuits, as well as a cropped T-shirt and a tubular miniskirt, the capsule mixes sexy, feminine touches with more athletic cuts. The designs are crafted from Lycra, both smooth and ribbed, as well as from a coated fabric with a metallic finishing. The color palette includes The Attico’s signature vibrant tones of hot pink, turquoise, orange, lime green, along with a chic brown shade. Mainly developed in solids, the capsule also features two prints, including a zebra pattern and a psychedelic, multicolor motif. Chains and torchon details enrich some of the styles.

State of nature” is in balance between body-consciousness and totalizing well-being. From the glamour of the buildings in Milan to the freedom of the sea in Cape Town, the beachwear collection represents an exploration of new territories that mix the iconic cool and casual character of the brand with a colorful, fun and indispensable mood. The goal is to convey, through beachwear and in a contemporary way, positive vibes and an unexplored idea of ​​seduction. The swimsuit, in short, intended as a more intimate form of clothing. The modern vintage design of the garments to be worn on the beach recalls the most beloved aesthetic codes of the brand and assigns them a new mission with chains and torchon, opulent fabrics, graphic necklines, cropped tops and bright shades that absorb the sun’s rays, with infinite possible combinations of the individual pieces in an exciting timeless adventure in the name of mix & match.

The search for a new balance, between allure, calm and nostalgia, gives life to the images and video of the “State of nature” campaign created by photographer Henrik Purienne, with glossy shots that capture the perfection of natural gestures, ethereal movements and of the bold looks of models Shante Gainsford and Nina Nutshell.

The Attico, which is mainly known for its bold and flamboyant cocktail and evening attire, in February launched its first genderless streetwear capsule, called Life at large which is available at around 200 global retailers.