An unlimited doll-sized walk-in closet, to dress our favorite toy with always new and fashionable clothes: it is the desire that all of us – or almost – have had as little girls.

At the time it could seem pure fantasy, a distant dream, but today has become reality, thanks to a special collaboration that sees the Barbie Mattel wearing three of the most iconic creations by Yves Saint Laurent, kept in the Parisian museum dedicated to the French designer.

Among the selected looks we find the 1965 Mondrian cocktail dress, a garment that has made the history of the costume and that has been faithfully reproduced in its famous color block pattern, and to which were combined elegant black ballerinas with buckle and pearl earrings, in addition to a helmet cut in full 60s style.

Abandoning the glamorous and glossy cities of the early Sixties, we land in the wilderness with the Saharan.
The jacket, made in 1968, is another cult item signed by the designer. The wearing Barbie represents a modern woman, who lives a new world without borders, a unique look to which Mattel has a circle of circles, a wide-brimmed fringed hat, a pair of Bermudas and black knee-high boots.

Finally, for the most chic evenings, you could not miss a party outfit: here is the “Paris” dress from 1983, from the pink silk satin bodice, black velvet skirt with front slit and exaggerated bow adorning the back of the doll, in full sparkling Eighties style.

A magical partnership, which combines play, personal style and history, in a collection that will surely conquer mothers and little girls. All you have to do is choose the mood that most belongs to you and collect the Barbie that best represents you!