The 2 famous brands from the south-east of France have announced their second collaboration in the name of sustainability: Balmain x Evian

“Together, Change Is Beautiful”

Save the environment by changing fashion but also change the environment by saving fashion. The new collaboration between two iconic French brands, both originally from Savoy, Balmain and Evian, is a hymn to sustainability. Following on from the first collaboration that saw the launch of the Balmain x Evian couture dress and limited edition bottle in 2022, the capsule collection, ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, planned for this second Balmain x Evian project is based on a wide variety of materials and processes that respect people and the environment. “Balmain’s first collaboration with evian showed that sustainable practices can yield remarkable results…But, for me, it was only a starting point. If we want to continue to create beauty, respecting the beauty of this planet, there is much more that all of us in the fashion world should be doing now. We need to test and perfect new techniques of sourcing, recycling, upcycling, sustainable production – and yes, I know, the list can sometimes seem endless. Fortunately, Evian shares Balmain’s commitment to researching new products and possibilities, and with this second Balmain x Evian capsule, we want to clearly demonstrate that conscience and creativity can work well together…As we all know, the fashion industry has to face certain problems and admit that we can’t put it off any longer,” comments Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director of Balmain. “That’s why I decided to make inclusive catwalks that reflect the true beauty of our world using sustainable materials that respect the need to preserve this incredible heritage. And this is why I am so happy to announce the new partnership of Balmain and Evian, one of France’s most iconic brands. Evian helps to convey that the values of integrity and beauty can help form the basis of modern communication, as well as sustainable and carbon neutral products,” noted Olivier Rousteing creative director since 2011. “At Evian we are constantly looking for forward-thinking partners who share our values and with whom we can pioneer to go beyond our borders. Building on our strong presence in global fashion partnerships, it has been an incredible experience to work with Balmain and Olivier Rousteing, celebrating their shared heritage, optimism and determination to drive sustainable innovation in the industry. Our Evian x Balmain dress is a shining example of something extraordinary and unique that can be achieved by intersecting innovation, design and sustainability that we hope will inspire many,” confirmed Dawid Borowiec, Global Director of Evian, in his statement. Olivier Rousteing and his design team have created a series of eye-catching, limited edition ready-to-wear and accessories models puts the collaboration’s emphasis on the powerful possibilities of a future sustainable fashion world, all grouped under the distinctive slogan ‘Together, change is beautiful’. Classic sporty silhouettes are skilfully paired with pastel shades that echo both the Balmain catwalks and the Evian universe while winking at the joys of summer. The capsule summer looks play with new interpretations of pastel colours, with a series of interesting shaded treatments. A beautifully embroidered blue short dress, made by the Balmain atelier from Forest Stewardship Council certified viscose, makes it clear that sustainability can definitely be Balmain from the catwalk. Balmain and Evian then turned to Solaris, an industry leader in recycling innovations, to develop a new version of Balmain’s popular B-It slider: a sleek and transparent B-It made entirely from plastic waste unsuitable for reuse within the product’s circular product cycle. Solaris also assisted Rousteing’s accessories design team in revisiting the house’s luxurious Blaze bag, using a 45% plant-based resin blend to 3D print the Blaze’s body and lid. The bag’s handle and lock logo were also 3D printed, using a 100% rPET material created from recycled Evian waste. In short “saving the environment is good”, even better if you do it together, we at Michele Franzese Moda can only endorse this fantastic new collaboration. Translated with (free version)