Men’s fashion for this spring / summer 2022 winks at those garments that know how to tell and show the man with a chic and essential timeless style

Contemporary gentleman

There is a classic for everything. There is classical visual art, literature, music, cinema. Each creative and artistic field within its historical and technical evolution preserves in a nutshell a period or a phase that can be defined as classical in which usually the aesthetic elements and the languages ​​that represent it are in balance. Fashion also has its own classic and its own classicism both in terms of style and elements. Men’s fashion for this spring/summer 2022 seems to want to show the trend of a return to the classic by showing itself through the choice of a chic and essential style by resorting to classic garments that have always been the must-have that gentlemen of all times should have in their wardrobe. And here in fact, for the current season the trench coat, the men’s suit, the 50s shirt and lace-up shoes become timeless garments and accessories that define the contemporary man who makes the ability to choose a motif of strength, distinction and elegance. Yes, because the difficult and competitive road to legitimizing one’s status passes through the infinite possibilities of distinguishing oneself and emerging offered by the new sartorial elegance that has made details the direct expression of the identity of today’s gentleman. You cannot miss the revolutionary Burberry Gabardine that characterizes the outerwear of one of the international brands with a strong British spirit, and not even the linen trousers and double-breasted jackets of brands such as Boglioli and Tonello. For unmissable footwear, Church’s moccasins and classic shoes. The storytelling of contemporary sartorial creativity finds its balance between luxury, personalization and the extreme search for the perfect detail. Cutting, finishing, fabrics are all aimed at satisfying the needs of the contemporary gentleman who is aware and ready to show himself and tell himself through value and refinement with precious materials and impeccable finishes. Come and discover the wide selection of brands chosen by Michele Franzese Moda for spring/summer 2022 online and in boutiques! Back to classic!