The fall/winter 2022-23 collections are ready to be worn and Michele Franzese Moda has chosen for you the outfits that cannot be missing in your wardrobe

Guide to autumn

Autumn is coming. The wake of summer temperatures that lasted until these early November seems, according to meteorologists, to have reached its natural end in what was certainly an unnatural continuous and harmful summer heat. The high fashion fall/winter collections scheduled for this 2022-23 are just waiting for the right temperatures to arrive to be worn and thus start the autumn and winter trends that we all expect every year. Yes, because fashion and nature, even more so in our hemisphere, share the same reassuring circular language whose alternation on the one hand regenerates the earth and on the other feeds the minds of the stylists of the great fashion houses, the tastes of the public and the economy of a sector that year after year is increasingly attentive to sustainability issues. Michele Franzese Moda offers some men’s wear inspirations by selecting iconic brands and new proposals to better prepare the male audience to be trendy and in tune with autumn vibes. Let’s find out the mix of outfits chosen by MFM illustrated on the cover of this article. Let’s start with sneakers. If your style tends towards the classic then a pair of stylish but comfortable and warm Suicoke sneakers (on the left on the cover) are for you, the stitching in evidence, the warm and enveloping padding, the comfortable shaped sole and the different shades of brown of the fabric make them the autumnal footwear par excellence for a man who knows how to relate to the right style. Otherwise, if you don’t want to give up a more streetwear imprint then the Autry sneakers (on the right on the cover) are the right ones for you: white, versatile for more informal occasions and also very comfortable with their stable sole. For the trousers, the choice of Haikure denim seems to us in tune with the autumn vibes as well as that of the Costumein hooded sweater (on the right on the cover) which refers to the brand’s typical search for avant-garde fabrics with precious materials, treatments and tricks that the garment undergoes throughout the production to create a unique garment for each single piece, just like the wearer. The outerwear certainly cannot be missing in autumn to complete the outfit. A great classic is the elegant dark brown coat with double-breasted The GiGi but the eye can only fall on the ocher Hevò coat or for those who love autumn outings in the Husky Jacket. Hevò stands for Hevolution and Hevocation of the Outerwear, and deals with the creation of contemporary and modern sartorial garments completely made in Italy and handmade in the Itria Valley in Puglia with the aim of “Revisiting, studying the past or re-proposing without changing, only by grasping the best, presenting it to a young consumer, not only by birth, who will discover or rediscover the value of tradition … We have a very strong style, a soul, a very strong imprinting that goes beyond the seasonal cycles of fashion. timeless in style, materials, workmanship. Even the colors, I dare say, are above the trends “says the founder and owner Mauro Gianfrate. The brand is not only highly appreciated in Italy by the best multi-brand stores of the Italian Chamber. Fashion Buyer, like Michele Franzese Moda, is also in great demand abroad and in fact exports its garments to Japan, Korea and Northern Europe. adhere to the Husky jacket. The brand, created over thirty years ago, by Steve Gulyas, retired American aviator and his wife Edna, specializes in the production of clothing to combat the English cold and offer comfort and practicality to those who like to dedicate themselves to country sports without giving up. to style. The iconic quilted nylon jacket with a ribbed velvet collar has always been a favorite of English royalty and was worn by Queen Elizabeth for horseback riding, Lady Diana and Royal Princess Anne. Just recently Alessandra Moschillo, creative director of Husky, “for being able to interpret the challenges of the future through the use of innovation and with a strong strategic vision aimed at internationality” won the Look of the Year Fashion Award 2022 , 38th edition of the worldwide fashion event, which was held at the Teatro del Casinò di Sanremo, where Italian and international brands paraded. Husky for the occasion presented a tribute to the English Royal family, the Royal Hacking Jacket. limited edition that with the spray technique of the airbrush, usually used for murals, portrayed the faces of the sovereign Elizabeth II and the new king Charles III. Discover the Michele Franzese Moda selection to experience the next autumn vibes with true style.