An indisputable and versatile must have, from lady’s suit to officewear symbol of powerdress the tailleur and its new trends

Lady’s suit

Season after season, from maison to maison, the tailleur is changing. As with all iconic and timeless garments, the transformation process never alters the identity of the garment itself, but trend after trend enriches it by multiplying its expressive potential. The more rigorous allure of the first tailleur cut made by John Redfern in 1885 for the Princess of Wales (at the beginning the tailleur could only be performed by a man’s tailor, in French, in fact, tailleur means tailor) is it is gradually transformed, passing through some milestones in the recent history of high fashion or better by the brilliant minds of the greatest designers of all time including Chanel and Armani. From lady’s suit to officewear, a symbol of powerdress, passing through informal occasions in which it is necessary to be trendy, the tailleur can now boast a very high stylistic range of versatile but always glamorous combinations. Let’s see together some trends on how to wear the tailleur this fall. The choice is between numerous colors or the monochromatic must-have. Micro tailleur in the wake of the trend linked to the 60s characterized by cropped jackets and flared miniskirts with high-legged vinyl boots. Mini tailleur with crop top, unbuttoned jacket and sneakers completing the look with choker and socks. The light tailleur becomes light with models even with short sleeves to wear with essential shirts and ballet flats. Giambattista Valli proposes tweed tailleur with a soft line to be worn in a casual version and with exposed lingerie. Another big trend is the miniskirt suit which is currently one of the most popular trends on Instagram and Chiara Ferragni is a big fan of this outfit that blends sophisticated and tailored design with the sexy allure of the miniskirt. You get to look even sexier when the tailleur comes to be worn without a shirt or top, as now envisages another great trend that of the “without”. How many possibilities for a tailleur! Let’s discover autumn in tailleur with Hebe Studio

The tailleur by Hebe Studio

The Hebe Studio woman lives in the present, follows her personal feel and acts accordingly. She knows how to be authoritative and she knows how to laugh at herself. She knows how to take risks, she is not afraid of making mistakes. The woman who chooses Hebe Studio knows her ambitions and she knows how to achieve her goals in her life, in her career, in the world. Hebe Studio creates Made In Italy “Power Suits” inspired by male silhouettes. The idea comes from the belief that every woman needs a trouser suit in her wardrobe, a versatile and adaptable basic garment for any occasion. A suit enhances the feminine strength, tells a statement of intentions and also brings out the androgynous side of every woman. A suit highlights elegance, sensuality without ever neglecting practicality in the daily routine. It is an evergreen, for every season and for every choice. The woman who dresses Hebe Studio is a woman who can be elegant and feminine while remaining comfortable and always feeling herself in the dress she chooses to wear, she never goes unnoticed. She is an independent woman, end she wants to feel unique. Come and discover the best Hebe Studio selection on Michele Franzese Moda and get ready to experience an autumn in a super glamorous tailleur.