Autry: the Rise of a Vintage Icon in the Sneaker World. Let’s talk about them!

The overwhelming success of Autry sneakers with their unique vintage aesthetic is here. Autry has become a true sensation in the sneaker world, thanks to its irresistible vintage appeal and distinct Italian interpretation. Originally designed for tennis courts, these shoes have become a symbol of street style, admired not only for their practicality but also for their unmistakable 80s flair. Available in pristine white or with colorful panels, here are the best models to buy online. If you are a sneaker enthusiast and still don’t own a pair of Autry, it’s time to consider an investment because soon they will be on everyone’s feet. Let’s talk about Autry, the iconic tennis shoes of the past that have now found their headquarters in the heart of Italy, in Dolo, Veneto. The credit for this success goes to three Italian entrepreneurs: Marco Doro, Alberto Raengo, and Gino Zarrelli, who have breathed new life into the brand of these nearly extinct sneakers from the early 2000s. In addition to dominating the footwear industry, Autry is expanding into the world of pret-a-porter with its line of comfortable clothing that perfectly complements the iconic shoes, available in white or vibrant-colored panels, evoking a sense of nostalgia for the future. The Autry story begins in Dallas, Texas, in 1982. The name “Autry” literally means “shoe with the American flag” and quickly became a leader in the production of specialized sports footwear for tennis, running, and basketball. The first models to emerge were the Medalist, introduced in 1985 and still on the market today, considered by Tennis Magazine to be the best tennis shoe of all time, and the Jetstreamers, from 1987. Furthermore, the award-winning tennis player Bob Lutz had the privilege of having a sneaker model dedicated to him and became the brand’s original ambassador. These elements contributed to the skyrocketing popularity of the brand. In the new millennium, three Italian entrepreneurs took the reins of the company, captivated by its pioneering spirit. They decided to revive Autry, now known as Autry Action People, proudly bearing the “Made in Italy” label. Since 2021, the brand has been under the leadership of Mauro Grange and Patrizio Di Marco, serving as CEO and president, respectively. The vintage allure of Autry sneakers remains intact while incorporating the latest technologies, giving birth to the rebranded New Autry design. The pret-a-porter collection also introduces new models crafted from lambskin and nubuck. However, the iconic and timeless image is revived through the restyling of the Medalist starting from 2019. After conquering Asia and Europe with the 2022-2023 collection, Autry has made its triumphant return to the American market, supported by Autry International USA. But the brand has even greater ambitions—it has plans to capture the markets of Japan and South America. On April 1st, Autry launches the limited-edition Autry Reverse model, breaking the sacred rule of branding: “Don’t touch the logo.” No, it’s not an April Fools’ joke; it’s real. For this limited edition, the American brand has selected one of its most renowned models, the Medalist, and inverted the iconic logo box, creating an upside-down effect as suggested by the name itself. The Autry Reverse sneakers are being launched through a global event, available for online purchase and in select stores. However, the window of opportunity to acquire them is extremely limited, lasting only 24 hours from midnight on April 1st. Among the retailers, prominent names include Jades and Lufsteg in Germany, Luisa Via Roma and Nugnes 1920 in Italy, Aquerreta 1964 in Spain, Barney’s in Japan, Level Shoes in the United Arab Emirates, and many others. “The world as you know it will be turned upside down with Autry Reverse,” declares the American brand. This daring model celebrates the tradition of April Fools’ Day, offering brand enthusiasts the chance to own one of its iconic pieces with a touch of madness. Come and discover the Autry brand with its fantastic sneakers on Michele Franzese Moda.