Alberta Ferretti, a supporter of ethical fashion, embodies the “Green is the new glam”, and will march on May 18th with Cruise Collection


Alberta Ferretti has recently launched a collection of garments made with carefully selected materials and certifications that guarantee the recycled origin of the material, the use of biological fabrics and a reduction in the use of chemical substances.

«Eco is a lifestyle, it is an attitude, a dress that is worn with the awareness of making a contribution to having a truly better world “, explains Federica Nardoni Spinetta, the founder of the Monegasque event, under the High Patronage of Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco.

The brands that have succeeded in combining will therefore be enhanced the business with attention to the environment, no longer opting only for think green but also for the green act. designers like Gilberto Calzolari – designer and producer of completely «sustainable» garments, previously awarded with the Green Carpet Award in Milan – and Jiri Kalfar, animal rights activist with Save The Bees. marino, the artistic work Lutjanus Fulgens of the Giordani Gallery, produced in collaboration with Swarovski, will be set up at the Fashion Village.