“Publishing Traffic” consists of a series of conversations on contemporary publishing, at the intersection of visual culture, research and fashion. A meeting place is Gucci Garden, a space designed by Alessandro Michele in the Palazzo della Mercanzia

The conversations focus on the point of view of the insider, that is of the person who in various capacities takes part in the selected editorial experiences, and the relationships woven between the various actors.

Crucial is the voice of the one who conceived and founded these experiences or contributed to their evolution.

The point of view of an editor, art director, designer, stylist and photographer contributes to the construction of a polyphonic speech.

The attention, in this first phase, is on the Italian scene.

From July to October the debate was animated by BrutOfnzn, Grosso Mondo, Flash Art, Kaleidoscope, Nero and Self Publish Be Happy.

The fourth conversation, which took place on 6 December last, established a connection between the Dust semi-annual magazine and the i-D Italy digital platform.

In doing so, he involved Luca Guarini and Luigi Vitali, Creative Director and Publisher of Dust, and Mattia Ruffolo, Editor in Chief of the Italian edition of i-D.

To unite the two experiences are the attention to the culture of fashion and the ability to tell the youth universe, the desires and the urgencies of a generation in search of itself and a space for action.

The meeting was an opportunity to celebrate Dust # 14, Every Reaction is a Failure, and to cross some of the most significant stories produced by i-D Italy from 2017 to today.

With the scientific responsibility of Maria Luisa Frisa, director of the degree course in Fashion Design and Multimedia Arts at IUAV and curator of the Gucci Garden Gallery, Publishing Traffic is part of a research project conducted at the IUAV University of Venice by Saul Marcadent, PhD and researcher.

Since January 2018 Gucci Garden has been hosting a selection of books and magazines that crosses the territories of fashion, contemporary art, design, cinema and photography.

The selection, on sale in the boutique, currently includes titles from over eighty magazines and forty international publishers such as InOtherWords, Roma Publications and Sternberg Press.