Stop to skinny or over silhouette, the Perfecto parka-nail arrives


It’s a millennial with a holiday soul, Havana’s favorite destination (Lardini and Paoloni), the one announced by Pitti Uomo 96, a special edition that celebrates 30 years of the men’s fashion show.

The male 4.0 to which 1220 brands in the salon have dedicated the wardrobe is a type born in the 90s, technological, social-dependent, with a green soul. One that modulates the excesses of one’s choices in terms of clothing with a conscious spirit.

The new man has a casual fashion approach that becomes the rule even in the city, a reflection of a relaxed style in volumes and constructions, with refraining from relapse in the over or skinny silhouette.

The era of trousers and jackets at the limits of the ridiculous ended, which looked like three smaller sizes. The era of extra large jackets and coats has also ended.

The new diktat is calibrated proportions, but originality like the Parcoec outerwear Perfecto, a fusion of nail and parkas for the whole family.