Generational transversality, functional gender and wearability in the new Aspesi collection.

The archetypal fashion

The success of Aspesi is linked to the combination of iconic, timeless garments and the constant search for the most innovative and unexpected materials: the meticulous and constant research of fabrics has in fact always been at the center of the brand’s essence. Founded by Alberto Aspesi in 1969 as a brand specialized in the production of shirts, Aspesi has evolved, distinguishing itself for a strong proposal not only of a relevant aesthetic value, but also of wearability and functionality. Aspesi was the first to introduce the down jacket, until then considered a purely technical garment, as an element of a more urban and transversal wardrobe. The idea was born during a chat between Alberto Aspesi and Franco Moschino, who gave his name to the jacket. Even today Aspesi remains faithful to its style approach: minimalist, sophisticated and timeless. From November 2020 the creative direction has been entrusted to Lawrence Steele who already collaborated with the brand at the end of the 90s. For this autumn-winter 2022-23 the brand relies on its cornerstones, on its archetypes. A collection made up to wear every day, minimal and essential but complex in their tailoring and in the search for fabrics and materials. Pragmatic garments such as outerwear, knitwear and shirts are offered with different materials: tweed, harris tweed, nylon, and oversized volumes to emphasize an almost absence of gender. Key concepts such as pragmatism, wearability and essentiality are the basis of Aspesi’s aesthetic research. A language that is made up of archetypes represented as real monoproducts that in their quality offer the wearer all the tools to be able to recreate their own personal language respectively. Fundamentals, the new chapter of the brand, is built on this basis. In any way they are combined, their expression translates into a uniform that has nothing of leveling. The Aspesi Fundamentals are: Pinguino, Gabetta, Orso, Magenta, Moschino, Down jacket and Down vest. They are technical outerwear that aim to be transversal by gender, generation and wearability. With the multiplicity of sizes available (from XXS to XXL), Aspesi Fundamentals are able to adapt according to the language and intentions of the wearer. Their interpretation and declination varies according to one’s personal style. “I always think about archetypes that deserve to be in a wardrobe; Aspesi wants to underline the identity of the people who wear the clothes, as opposed to a fashion theme that I am putting on people. I only provide great pieces for creating your own personal language. This season I started with tailoring and the proud shoulder tailored blazer is the starting point of the collection. My goal was to find a shape that fits both men and women perfectly, so that we can do away with the sizes that are actually gender-sized. The rest of the choices came from the tailoring, so the offer is slightly more formal than the spring collection. There is also a sort of grunge feeling, but fundamentally my work in Aspesi is about modernizing the archetypes of clothing while keeping them within a language of classic bases ”. So Steele stated. The combination of Fundamentals gives life to timeless functional uniforms whose transversality allows to go beyond all the normal concepts of gender, generation and fit. They are garments free from restrictions, customs and binding schemes. Come and discover the best selection of the Aspesi wardrobe for your autumn on Michele Franzese Moda.