She is the model of the moment, chosen by Gucci for the September 2019 fashion show in Milan and for the spring / summer 2020 collection. Her name is Armine Harutyunyan, she was born in Armenia, she is 23 years old and a non-professional model. She is an illustrator, but she ended up in the crosshairs of social media for her appearance and for her “unconventional” beauty, as many say. In an interview with the print edition of Repubblica Armine explains: “Better to be different than homologated to the rest, I don’t know why all this happened, and I certainly can’t forbid people to talk, but I can ignore it”. Oliviero Toscani in an interview with ANSA states: “Nothing new for me, I have had an office for years that researches particular faces. That girl is beautiful, she has a very interesting face, she expresses a form of intelligence. It is not a barbie doll, it is not an object. It is a much more complex beauty. Beauty is a form of personality. This face expresses personality and a very particular charisma”. Lele Panzeri, advertiser, has signed some campaigns that have made history such as the slogan “Smooth, gassed or Ferrarelle?” concludes: “I don’t know if the model is beautiful or ugly, I don’t know what the requirements are, it depends on who is looking. Observing it well, I find it quite fascinating. And thinking about the past, in other fields, there have been figures that have emerged despite not falling within the traditional beauty canons. I think of Barbra Streisand and Anjelica Huston, who at first glance may not seem beautiful but have great charm. From an advertising point of view, however, I would say that the choice of the brand was tactical. The desire to emerge from the mass of communications is evident». Another new model chosen by Gucci to sponsor the famous fashion house’s L’Obscur mascara is 18-year-old Ellie Goldstein, suffering from Down syndrome, originally from Ilford, who had already posed in the past for important brands such as Nike and Vodafone.


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