Slow down and realign. These are the opportunities that the current crisis offers to the fashion world according to Giorgio Armani. In an open letter to WWD, the designer explains that the “decline of the fashion system began when the world of luxury began to adopt the typical methods of fast fashion, first of all the speed in proposing new garments and collections. Luxury cannot and must not be fast, because luxury needs time to be reached and appreciated “. For the same logic, therefore, what is sold in stores must be aligned and consistent with the current season. It is no coincidence that the entrepreneur will leave his summer collection in stores at least until the beginning of September. “This crisis – continues Armani – is also an opportunity to restore value to authenticity. Enough of fashion as “pure communication”, with cruises around the world to present “weak ideas and entertain with sumptuous shows. Special events should be made for special occasions, and not as a routine. “
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