An original mix of cultures and colors that separate for each dress but come together in a single wardrobe


The demonstration of how connected cultures are through fashion is that customers from cultures other than ourown wear the garments we design in their own way” says Marco de Vincenzo, summarizing the spring summer 2020 collection that has just parade on the shore of the Darsena del Naviglio in Milan. “It’s my first collection where I use only one color for each of the 47 dresses I’ve had to walk the runway. A big challenge for me that I’ve always mixed colors. It was difficult, but it gave me the opportunity to discover other opportunities and directions as well.”

The result of these new paths discovered thinking of an original mix of cultures and colors that separate for each dress but come together in a wardrobe, is a collection composed of archetypes of women’s clothing reread in the light of a poetics that moves on the emotional and symbolic wave of water that is “in this huge bathtub that from Messina (hometown, ed.) comes everywhere” says de Vincenzo.

In this de Vincenzo SS 2020 there are therefore all the basic and essential items of a feminine wardrobe: the tube skirt and that plissé soleil, the Petite robe and the shirt, the suit with the men’s jacket and the one with the jacket box , the bustier top is the tank top, the light cocktail dress… all in a variation of shimmering fabrics and seven visible colors (red, orange, green yellow, blue, indigo, violet) and two invisible radiation (the ultra-red and ultraviolet).

Aligned in this way, therefore, the looks of the show outline a return to the basic garments of bourgeois clothing that appears a clear reaction to the unruliness of the streetwear now in disuse. In addition, very romantic even, the collection therefore shows that archetypes can survive the same superstructures of meanings that cultures overlap only and only when they represent a basic existence, therefore true.