The project? “100% mine and 100% me” says Amina Muaddi

The coolest footwear of the moment? According to what was learned from the last Fashion Week, a place on the podium is certainly the prerogative of Amina Muaddi, one of the most popular designers of the moment in the great world of the global fashion system.

Witty, irreverent but still of the highest quality: the shoes, sandals and boots of the young designer are as popular with the millennial as the lady of the salons a la page, as long as they love provocation and full color.

Here, in the following interview, as Amina Muaddi recently told the story of her brand:


How did you decide to found the brand that bears your name?

It was a natural evolution but not an easy choice. I created my first brand at the age of 25 and left the brand 5 years later – despite the fact that the brand enjoyed significant growth. I wanted to do something that represented my growth path and my concept of modernity. So I should have turned my project upside down or started on a new path. Since I had a different view on the brand than my former capital partners, I felt it was the right time for change. I was about to turn 30 and I thought, “now or never.” After a break of six months in which I continued my collaboration with Alexandre Vauthier I started working on my new brand. The decision to put my name on it was natural. After six years doing this work with various brands, I launched the project closer to my heart, 100% mine and 100% me. We presented in a very private way, with the Fall Winter 2018/19 collection, showing the collection only to 10 buyers. I called it Season 0 because the brand was presented to the public directly when it was available in stores.


What do you bring of your Oscar Tiye experience?

A lot. It was my training experience and a great growth path. I started Oscar Tiye as a game, at the age of 25 I spent a year preparing in the Brenta Riviera to learn the art of making shoes with the best craftsmen, I made many mistakes, I created thousands of shoes, I met so many people who have now become dear friends and collaborators.
How would you synthesize your new brand in terms of inspiration, materials, production?

I wanted everything to be a reflection of me: from the product, to the branding and art direction, to the face of the campaign. Mine is a luxury product, 100% made in Italy – in Parma, specifically – but I wanted it to have the right price, so I preferred to lower our margins. I wanted to create modern, refined, minimal but gritty shoes. I want my woman to feel cool but very feminine when wearing them. I started from the structures and, in addition to the classic ones, I created a heel with a particular structure, with the body of a stiletto heel that ends up like an exaggerated spool heel: a disproportion that creates a balanced result. Another important aspect that I gave importance to was comfort. The highest heel measures 9.5cm. I want my woman to be able to go to work and then go out to dinner directly or, if she wants to dance the night away, to do it without suffering. We have made an extensive research of materials in order to offer fresh and special textures and colors. It is a very rich selection of tassels, suede, laminates, lasers, glitter, crystals, reflective stretch materials, latex, velvets, satins.

How do you distribute it and what woman do you turn to?

The first season (season 0) was distributed exclusively through 10 carefully chosen distribution channels, the majority online (Net-a-porter, Brownsfashion, Forward, etc.). With some customers we sold out in a day after going out in stores so I was very surprised and happy. For the Spring Summer 2019 we have opened the market, moving to forty customers. We have increased the distribution but not too much, thinking of quality rather than quantity. We chose who to work with, the ones we thought were the right retailers for the brand. This brand has my name and it is essential to grow in a just and organic way. I see customers as real partnerships, I don’t just want to sell but work together to communicate, grow brand awareness and develop the business. With my shoes I turn to an intelligent, sophisticated, fun, cool and feminine woman who likes fashion but doesn’t take it too seriously. She is a woman of “multi culture” as I like to call her a citizen of the world, enthusiastic about new discoveries in every environment.

Which  are your icons?

My first icon was my mother. His good taste and his passion for fashion and shoes have triggered this instinct in me. As a child I watched her with admiration as she prepared and always tried her shoes. There are so many women