The contamination between streetwear and the world of luxury continues for an increasingly hype fashion.

Streetwear and “streetwear”

The times in which the first new urban communities of post-’68 youth began to build through their social mechanisms of identity recognition, through their social mechanisms of identity recognition, seem long gone when between the beaches and the skateparks of California and the basketball courts in Manhattan as a style destined to change the rules of being on the street forever. In 50 years, the long evolutionary and transformative process of streetwear has brought its distinctive elements – jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats with visors, sneakers – from the streets of the suburbs to the catwalks of high fashion, entering the new millennium definitively in the world of luxury. But it’s not just millennials who speak the language of American Streetwear and luxury hype, more and more over 50s and 60s are introducing urban elements into their style, completely revolutionizing their dress code. The iconic elements of branded and co-branded streetwear with the names of haute couture are increasingly depopulating in the luxury market through the hype-sold out-resell cycle. But beware of the merchandise risk glimpsed by Virgil Abloh, a great interpreter of luxury streetwear that recently passed away. To keep the style high, you need to be able to distinguish between streetwear as an expression of a community and “streetwear” as a consumerist exasperation. The numbers, however, speaking for themselves Hypebeast, suits, sweatshirts and caps represent 10% of the global luxury market.

A choice of top brands

Michele Franzese Moda in his selection of collections has chosen 3 top brands that have put down solid roots in the world of American Streetwear and luxury hype: 424, Bel-Air Athletics and Just Don. Created in 2015 by Guillermo Andrade, the 424 brand has managed to integrate elements of contemporary art with the casual aesthetic spirit of Los Angeles, with its deliberately unique pieces it is the perfect mix between a Californian atmosphere and a sophisticated European feeling. Bel-Air Athletics is an all made in Hollywood brand inspired by Will Smith, its creator, channeling the indelible influence of the 80s and 90s. The unmistakable Just Don style exudes old school iconism, taking great care in the use of fine materials, all to be discovered.