Amiri, the brand led by designer Mike Amiri, is suing Zara in the U.S., alleging that the Spanish retailer copied its AMIRI MX2 jeans and sold them under the name Combination Skinny Biker jeans.  The American company, which filed its complaint in federal court in Los Angeles on Wednesday, is demanding $3 million in compensation from Inditex’s flagship brand, according to Bloomberg Law. In the filing, Amiri claims that unique elements from its design, such as pleated leather panels and zip openings at the knee, have been reproduced in the jeans made by Zara, which currently do not appear to be for sale on the retailer’s e-commerce website. In contrast, Amiri is still selling its AMIRI MX2 jeans on the menswear section of its e-commerce platform for a price of $1,150.00.