Another must-cop release from the Matthew Williams-run label, Alix


Constructed out of cotton-blend jersey, the short-sleeve tee features characters from a beloved ’90s cartoon: The Powerpuff Girls.

First debuted in 1998 on the Cartoon Network, the series followed the adventures of three sisters with superpowers, who were accidentally born in a lab run by Professor Utonium.

Known as Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, the trio regularly saved their hometown of Townsville from diabolical villains such as Mojo Jojo and Him.

For the tee, which is rendered in a shade of dusty pink, a large graphic is printed across the chest while “ALYX STUDIO” is emblazoned on the left and right sides of the border.

In the image, a disembodied foot is seen wearing a pair of Nike Air Max Plus sneakers (perhaps customized with a Burberry-like check pattern).

The foot is wearing a shin-high, white tube sock and tucked into the shoe along the side is a phone adorned with Moschino‘s Powerpuff Girls phone case.