Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino are the winners of the Altagamma Digital awards, which rewards the luxury brands that most distinguish themselves in digital leadership


The award is based on the Digital Competitive Map, proven methodology of Digital Audit & Benchmarking developed by Contactlab and refined over the years with the continuous updating of the parameters to keep monitored the factors of digital success both in ecommerce and physical retail, Altagamma explained in a note.

In detail, the analysis parameters are now 178, 32 more than the 2017 edition, with a strong strengthening of the sections on both European and Asian etailers and socials.

As evidenced by McKinsey & Company, by 2025 one fifth of sales of personal luxury goods will be generated online.

But digital has ceased to be just a sales channel or a way to strengthen the strength of its brand through digital marketing.

Digital is now a “stress test” that a successful brand must apply in all its processes to understand how to improve the quality of the relationship with its customers, but also re-imagine the key processes such as merchandising, production, store experience.

The panel considered by the Digital Competitive Map consists of 34 international brands whose digital performances have been monitored in the last three years.

The two lines of analysis of the level of digital competitiveness in the Digital Competitive Map are the digital offer, that is the ability of luxury brands to distribute their products on ecommerce channels and to know how to localize web content, direct marketing and social media and quality of customers’ digital experience in web browsing processes.

Among the reasons for the Burberry award, Best in Class 2018, Altagamma underlined that the brand stands out for its broader ecommerce presence, both direct and via etailer (including Tmall in China and Shinsaege in Korea).

Dolce & Gabbana Best Improver 2016-2018, on the other hand, showed a strong increase in the offer of content in the language via direct marketing (e-mails in English and Italian were added in e-mail in French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese) .

Best in Class 2018 ex-aequo, Gucci “stands out for its great attention to navigation and the choice of products on the web, the quality of the style advisory service via chat and telephone, the excellence in direct marketing, and the wide offer of delivery options for products purchased online “, writes Altagamma.

Louis Vuitton “is characterized by the excellent presentation of products on the web, with brilliant use of video, for the most numerous points of contact with the customer service, including Facebook and Twitter, and for the broader offer of product delivery options purchased online “, explained Altagamma.
“Valentino, finally, has created a wide range of cross-channel services (including in-store availability, book an appointment, in-store reserve & try, collect and in-store exchange).