Mischievous in her balloon dresses, draped around her body to give momentum to the movement of her legs, Alexandre Vauthier‘s woman shows a resolute look while remaining faithful to a charming elegance.

She is very Parisian, with a double-breasted suit on a white shirt with a bow or swinging the gold-rimmed bolero bolero over her shoulders. But it is above all a queen of the night, with its sparkles cut in green or pink and the soft drapes of silvery robes on which small flounces vibrate.

And also the bride finds the quiver of crinolines that cover the upper part of the body leaving the legs in plain sight. The sunglasses are the result of the second collaboration between Alexandre Vauthier and Alain Mikli.

Judgment. The first fan, who gets up applauding going to meet the designer, is Cèline Dion, who has the air conquered. Vauthier‘s sexy and highly crafted models (who is a master in cutting, has sharpened his weapons from Gaultier and Mugler) have everything to conquer the big stars.