The couturier has explained the strategies of his house, which provide for a first boutique, the strengthening of wholesale and the development of product lines


A turnover that doubles every year, the prospect of opening a first boutique and strengthening wholesale through the development of some product categories, primarily footwear. These are the key projects of the development of Alexandre Vauthier, a French couturier beloved by stars like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, but also by the Elysée premières of Brigitte Macron, who have contributed to consecrating her figure in the international fashion scene.

“We double the turnover every year. I started with two couture collections, then we introduced the prêt à porter, we are satisfied with the welcome, “he told  the stylist at the head of the maison that bears his name and who navigates with the wind in stern scoring important percentages of development.

“I think it works well because we are in commercial resonance with the product, I am very connected, I look at everything, I read, I look at what you eat, how you dress, I follow the political evolution, the international, the cultures, how it moves This helps me to understand the wishes of the woman It is essential to offer clothes that are in harmony with their way of living and being, and then very soon it is very important to the cut “, explained the designer who worked with names like Thierry Mugler and Jean-Paul Gaultier: “I learned their techniques, I recovered those exceptional couturière who worked for them after the closure of the studios.Now, my only claim is this: I make the clothes that women want”, continues Alexandre Vauthier.

And they all work well. Usa, Europe, Russia. Today the brand has 180 stores, the products are positioned well. But the logic is to strengthen the wholesale, developing products like shoes that increase in relevance every season. And overseeing assets because Alexandre Vauthier wants to remain independent.

A very difficult undertaking in an age when large groups occupy almost all the space.

“But we’ve been doing it this way for nine years and it’s always been good so far,” explains Alexandre Vauthier, “it’s a real little fashion house.” Even though I’m courted I love freedom and my teams feel it. another reason for our ascent: work with motivated teams.Couture is a craft, I work with all the métiers of art, I am also lucky to have incredible ambassadors, like Rihanna, Lady Gaga or even the first lady French Brigitte Macron, who spontaneously chose to wear my clothes, and what makes me more pleasure is that these women choose my dress because they feel good when they wear them and are valued “.

A male wardrobe?
“Perhaps I will do it one day – admits Alexandre Vauthier – but it is not in immediate projects: first we have to consolidate what we have built, every project projects us into tomorrow, but we need to set our priorities well. The other collections depend on these moods.This does not make sense.There are the spirit and strong colors already present in high fashion.What I’m interested in anyway is that they are timeless clothes, not closed in seasonality. It is, in my opinion, what characterizes luxury: making iconic items that can be worn for years “.