The designer accompanies the Fall Winter 20192020 collection with a statement that looks like a manifesto

Alessandro Dell’Acqua, creative director of N ° 21, introduces the fall / winter 2019 2020 collection with words that resemble those of a manifesto, with the aim of re-reading masculinity abandoning the limits imposed by cultural stereotypes and the encrustations of machismo.

“For too many years, men’s fashion has been imprisoned in genres and trends, from formal dating to the latest sportswear, I thought it was time not only to mix references, but also to build clothing that could be subtracted from classifications, just as in everyday life do the men of the new generations, from millennials to those of successive generations “.

“I am convinced”, he continues, “that without the limits that the stereotyped culture moves into the wardrobe, man is more able not only to understand himself but also the world around him, including the strong and decisive change of the universe female”.

“A masculine journey in a re-founded wardrobe”.
On the catwalk there are cropped leather or cropped shirts in nude colors, patent leather pants, formal suits worn with double sweaters with wide neckline, animal fur coats and maxi bomber jackets.