Password: daywear. “I don’t want to say streetwear, mine is a woman who lives an intense life and who wants to have character,” says Alberta Ferretti, recounting her spring-summer 2020. When I think of something daily and sporty, here’s what I have in mind: a woman who must always have an identity, a strength.”

And come on. She not only thinks about work but lives the life in 360 degrees the Ferretti woman, who runs wide strides in the metropolitan jungle. For the designer a new chapter dedicated to strong women.

“There is a lot of research and identity in the collection,” explains Ferretti, “the woman is not trivialized but she goes fast, she is never sad. I like to see girls free, with this joie de vivre. I work a lot, but when I create it’s important to understand what’s going on outside the studio.” 70s mood and Woodstock-worthy atmosphere. But she swears that the references are accidental.

“I’ve gone freewheeling, I try to look at women as they live today as they move – explains the designer – for me there are no more muses of the past or historical periods, emotions count and I find that at this moment it is beautiful the color that conveys positivity””. 56 releases, in the set curated by the artist Fabrizio Plessi.

Kaia Gerber, the super top daughter of art (mom is Cindy Crawford), closes Sofia Steinberg. The collection is an ode to freedom: patchwork pants, tie-dye denim work overalls, inlay jackets, trouser skirts.

And again, the suede smeared on the degraded tops, the exasperated volumes, the embroidered hoods that turn into crop tops, washed silk dresses built with patchwork of colors and crochet workmancisation, white or black shirts in muslin. Very portable pieces, enhanced by the colors of the earth, oranges, earth, solar.

And when the sunset comes here are the clothes make light, fluid, all inlays of suede and chiffon, the mythical chiffon, stylistic figure of the maison. The woman now in pants now in the dress à jour.

To the peidi flat sandals with hard stones and freshly studded laces to bite the asphalt. And if the daywear has a sporty attitude, the night is colored blue and leaves room for the magic of the sea. Microbeads and sequins in freedom, psychedelic prints and graphic animalier, always combined with romantic elements, because after all, explains the designer “this is my story”.