Chiara Ferragni flies to Ibiza with the sequin jacket signed by Alberta Ferretti, and even friends wear the garment in a customized version


The bachelorette party of Chiara Ferragni, at the start this morning, has seen the influencer and his closest friends fly to Ibiza, where they will spend a couple of days of relaxation and fun.

Before the wedding of the fashion blogger with Fedez, scheduled for the first of September, Chiara has gathered her sisters, her friend Chiara Biasi and other people dear to her to celebrate.

At the start the friends of Ferragni showed up with the same sequined jacket.

A gift kindly offered by the designer Alberta Ferretti, of which Chiara Ferragni has always been a great admirer.

After the sweaters made specifically for the 30th birthday of Fedez’s girlfriend, Chiara’s bachelorette party is also in the name of the 100% made in Italy fashion brand.

“Alberta Ferretti explores a new idea of ​​sportswear, contaminated by elements of eveningwear, – reads the caption of the clothing item – creating garments designed to be combined with the Rainbow week collection capsules. The bomber jacket with bicolor bomber pattern in acetate and viscose is decorated with blue and blue sequins “.

For the occasion, a special edition of the jacket was created.

Unlike the basic version on the e-commerce site of the brand, the jackets worn by Chiara and her friends have a hashtag behind her back: #ChiaraTakesIbiza.