Their source of inspiration (which is also their motto)?

Everything around: Normal things


Ader Error, more than a simple brand, is a collective, born in December 2014: a community based in Seoul, Paris, London and New York while the showroom and the single-brand Ader Error are located in Seoul, South Korea.

Here is how we describe the protagonists of one of the most growing labels of the moment:

“First of all – they explain – we would like to clarify that we are not just a brand but a collective where several teams work together to create a main collection, talking, exchanging opinions, mixing, collecting and developing ideas.”

Five designers collect and organize this information and inspirations to create clothes – in other words, they make ideas come true, they turn them into clothes – we wanted to share and think about every kind of content, culture and lifestyle that we consider together, and the first category was fashion. our slogan ‘But near missed things’, let’s look at the simple things around us “.

What are your other passions or interests over fashion?
Illustration, drawing, music, video, cinema, and we always try to work with many artists from all over the world. We have a great passion for furniture, furniture and lifestyle.

Five words that describe your brand.
Basic, minimal, aesthetic, color, revision **. **

What exactly is your creative method?
First of all, we always keep our slogan in mind, ‘But near missed things.’ All that is close to us, normal things. It can be food, furniture, furniture … We focus on the things that people spent do not consider in their lives, and we let ourselves be inspired. Furthermore, every week we discuss together to collect and refine our ideas. And not only with regard to the main collection but also with regards to our agenda. Each team talks about the various elements that are part of Ader Error, from the creative process to sales. To show our DNA.

What is the key factor of your collections?
We believe that vision is the most important of our five senses. And one of the most important factors of what we see is color. Color makes us intuitively recognize an object. And this makes us consider color as a key factor for Ader Error. All the things that have their own color inspire the colors of our creations. Since we launched Ader Error, we thought we had to focus on the five senses to communicate with the world, in an easy, fun and direct way. And in this sense there are new projects coming!

What do you think are the ingredients to succeed in fashion today?
We do not have a definite answer, but for us there are three important factors: Combining and reviewing everyone’s interventions / Going beyond differences / A solid DNA.

Plans for the future? Create our culture and spread it. We are very inspired by today’s social conditions and social networks. Today the media is constantly evolving, people are flooded with information, a difficult thing to manage. We would like to devote ourselves to creating shoes, sunglasses, bags, electronics, gastronomy brands and furniture that are ‘easy & fun’.

If you could choose, which celebrity would you like to dress, and why? We never thought that a celebrity could wear our clothes. We want people who love art and a certain type of culture, a certain ‘easy & fun’ image to wear them and really want to wear our clothes. It is not about sales and consumerism, but about communicating among us.