Fashion brands are more and more interested in the ‘adaptable design’ segment, that is, clothes able to follow the constant changes of the body, as Vogue Business reports. This increases the possibility of wearing a garment during a long period of time, regardless of changes in one’s body. “We use thicker fabrics so the clothes don’t look too tight, and we insert stretch materials that don’t look that way,” explains Alexandra Waldman, co-founder of the American brand Universal Standard. The designer Mara Hoffman offers clothes ranging from size XXS to XXXL inside which the shoulders contain hidden rings designed for the suspenders of the bras and detachable belts to adapt to the waist and elastic closures for the sleeves. Aja Barber has created an adaptable capsule collection with the independent designer Lora Gene and explains: “We have not inserted any definitive closure, no buttons or zippers, thus giving people the opportunity to change one or two sizes”.


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