Achille Lauro (Lauro De Marinis) writes exclusively for Vanity Fair, which dedicates to him the cover of the issue on newsstands since yesterday, March 3, in which he appears in the guise of a religious icon. A provocative image combined with a confession in which the artist, a regular guest of the evenings of the Sanremo 2021 Festival, goes to his roots “I don’t want to be trivialized within a stereotype. Madness is having the courage to choose a path out of the ordinary. I don’t go on television or on stage with the brake on. It can be all right or my career can end there. I think that in life you have to be reckless if you really want to change things. There is a phrase from Oliviero Toscani I like very much: “when you do something important, you must be afraid. Because if you are not afraid then you are wrong ”. For the first time, the cover of Vanity Fair is animated: by framing the QR code, you are transported to the exhibition that Achille Lauro has created exclusively for the readers of the newspaper. It is ideally his sixth Sanremo performance, which is added to the five paintings that the artist offers during the five evenings of the Sanremo Festival.

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