Here then, respecting the ideals of craftsmanship, harmonious balance between materiality, design and functionality that have always characterized Bottega Veneta, the home collection now boasts new, witty, finishes on iconic pieces as well as a more refined palette lively and colorful


Maier also develops – as regards the “lighting” discourse – his collaboration – this is the second – with the Italian designer Osanna Visconti di Modrone.

So after the series of bronze tables presented in 2016, here are three cylindrical lighting proposals, including a spectacular large chandelier that debuted in New York at the opening of the Maison on Madison Avenue but also a thin table lamp and a suspension that can be used alone or in small groups. 

All the pieces are made with the lost wax technique, usually used in sculpture, which creates an exquisitely tactile woven weave on the bronze.

But in the Home Collection here is clearly visible, even a new sense of playfulness in the way in which Maier decided to evolve the iconic pieces.

New arrival in the Rudi seating family, the Rudi Fringe that has a woven border along the base that continues in a fringe inspired by trimmings. But also the Camp Bed and the Double Camp Stool bolder and more graphic in the contrasting black and white version in addition to the 8-Arches metal architectural table with a new look, with a striking black and white marble top instead of the usual oak or travertine.

Moving on to porcelains, on the other hand, a new, delicate motif is presented with hand-painted butterflies arranged only apparently at random, some are just sketched while others are designed in detail, for a fascinating and individualistic effect.

A truly beautiful and special collection is Home, which also sees the debut of various pieces with new features. Among these, the BV Tre – Bottega Veneta’s first true modular seating family – consists of three pieces: a corner seat, a single seat and a pouf , which can be configured in any way to adapt to customer needs.


Another novelty to keep an eye on is the rectangular dining table, in travertine with an intense shade of red resting on a central base, as in the circular version or the Tassello dining chair , which belongs to the family of linear and soft padded seats or the new Two-Drawer desk in light gray Doe color made with exquisite bronze carved handles, also used in the classic Six-Drawer Chest , currently the largest desk in the collection.

The palette of colors in the collection Usually dampened in the Home is now more carefree with elements of pure white and a range of soft colors pastel and romantic.

“I wanted to present something very different from the proposals introduced two years ago, graphics and soften in color “, comments Maier . “I like to offer my client new ideas on how to create a living space” 

The Home Collection has really evolved organically from the first creation of Tomas Maier, a bench he created in 2006 together with the expert craftsmen of Bottega Veneta. Since then, the brand has developed the design for the home and presented complete collections of furniture and accessories, many of them made with esteemed manufacturers such as the artisans of Murano glass, Koenigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin for porcelain and Poltrona Frau for the seats.

Also this year, the brand has launched a new retail concept for the home in the New York Maison called The Apartment.

The space offers the widest selection of furniture and accessories for the Bottega Veneta home of the United States, displayed in an environment that reproduces the interior of an apartment, complete with a selection of books and works of art.


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