The fringes on long chunky-knit cashmere sweaters were made from hand-pulled tufts


Carlotta Oddi invited bandanas into Alanui’s plush, cashmere universe, rearranging them into geometric patterns and applying them to silk. Beige dominated the color palette, but there were also patches of red.

She cut her paisley-dotted silk scarf into strips, which were used for lacework braided into the arm of a sweater and as the strings of a hooded sweatshirt.

She also made a skirt out of the material, tight at the waist, long and flowing below.

For men, panels of a faded black jean jacket carried a black-and-white bandana motif on the back while the same pattern was knit into a hooded sweater. To ensure elegance, Oddi pushed the waists higher this season, adding elegance to the profusion of fringes.

This season, they came in colorful braids on black socks, beads hanging from the pockets of jeans that were cut cargo-style.

The bottom of an elegant tartan-printed miniskirt was lined with fringes, and so were chunky knit cashmere sweaters for men and women, in the form of hand-pulled tufts