Fuchsia petticoat dress with lace inserts and tonal ton diagonal stripes: this is the choice of Michele Franzese for Claudia Mercurio

The lace inserts embellish the fuchsia slip dress of Amen, ready to conquer the audience of Il Bello del Calcio, with its sensual charge. It is certain Michele Franzese, who also this week has chosen for the presenter Claudia Mercurio an exclusive outfit for the Canale 21 broadcast that sees at the forefront the director of the Corriere dello Sport Ivan Zazzaroni.

The shiny fabric of the dress worn by Claudia alternated in fact with the opaque and semitransparent polka-dot lace, creating diagonal stripes on the mini dress, to balance elegance and sex appeal.

In the episode aired tonight, in fact, the Neapolitan presenter has once again conquered her many viewers who follow her week after week on the successful sports talk show produced by Napoli Canale 21 and Quaranta Production.

Also thanks to the format, which includes the participation of football personalities, technicians and journalists such as Massimo Caputi, Gianni Di Marzio, Roberto Rambaudi, Dario Marcolin, Mario Sconcerti, Italo Cucci, Adriano Bacconi, Ciccio Marolda, Fulvio Collovati, Nando Orsi, but also of famous faces like Simona Ventura, Massimo Giletti, Pierluigi Pardo and many others.

Moreover, every week issues concerning the Calcio Napoli are discussed with completely new times and ways, and with the support of images, statistics and curiosities: music and fun never fail, with the comedy of Peppe Iodice and a band always present in addition to musical interventions by artists such as Sal Da Vinci, Franco Ricciardi and Andrea Sannino, who in the last episode also presented the song Nanà written by Renato Zero.