Lourdes Leon will be the new testimonial of Converse: Madonna’s daughter was chosen by the brand’s designer, Erin Magee

A new collaboration and a new testimonial for Converse, the world sneakers brand that will start with a new collection starting from May 24th, this time signed by Mademe’s designer, Erin Magee.

The collaboration sees at the center the One Star, surprisingly Erin’s favorite shoes in the 90s as she herself told Vogue America, explaining that shortly before this adventure began she started wearing them again.

“I found them on Etsy, they were from 1994,” said the designer during an interview with Vogue America.

Erin has therefore chosen 4 colors and 4 fabrics, including a green corduroy, a yellow suede and denim.

The capsule collection also includes a backpack, a sports suit, a long-sleeved shirt and wide shorts.

The protagonist of the irreverent shots presenting the garments will be Madonna’s daughter: Lourdes Leon.

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