Dolce & Gabbana: a little of the good old time religion

The duo named their Sunday afternoon show Fashion Devotion, and packed the runway with religious vestments culled from saints, cupids, bishops and nuns.
High mass gold finery appeared all over the show, and in a brilliant stunt, the gents began their fashion ceremony with a half dozen drones ferrying out new Devotion clutches and bags – all the way down the runway. Then the first model strolled out – a naughty nun in black and white with a lace mantilla and a top bearing the legend: Fashion Sinner D&G. Followed by a ski parka worthy of a Borghese cardinal; a sequined snowboarder with silver cupids or medieval saints from a mosaic worthy of Ravenna; and an après ski party vixen wearing a three-tiered papal ceremonial hat. Several gals carried golden papal crowns inverted into handbags. One remarkable shearling jacket read Amore on the collar and included panels of angels carrying a heart toward heaven.

Some handbags coasted down the runway ferried by drones

Dolce & Gabbana was also a treat, starting with wonderful sight gag in which a series of handbags coasted down the runway ferried by drones. It must have been a lot of work to pull off (and, in fact, it took ages for the producers to convince everyone in the audience to deactivate their phone’s Wi-Fi features in order for the technology to work). But it gave us a glimpse of what fashion might look like in the near future, once retailers begin making deliveries by drones.

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