New York, New York — it’s a hell of a town. And a hell of a housing market. As a part-time resident, Tomas Maier surely knows that. Nevertheless, when he decided to show his Bottega Veneta collection here to mark the opening of the brand’s new flagship on Madison Avenue, he wanted to show in a home-like setting, the apartment of an imaginary urbane Italian with a penchant for Milanese chic crossed with exotica acquired from global travels.
Maier thus undertook the hunt for a location where such an apartment could be created; it would have to meet specific parameters — soaring ceilings and no columns. He found only two possibilities and chose the American Stock Exchange building.

Maier he opted for relaxed shapes and intense surface interest

Maier he opted for relaxed shapes and intense surface interest. A skirt was embroidered with a demonstrative, artisanal riff on the cube motif. A dress featured two overlays of fabric cut away into geometric motifs; another contrasted shiny and velvet sequins. Fine outlines on dresses and skirts that at first glance looked like stitching were actually delicate chain embroideries. Immediately after the show, guests stormed the apartment elevation, some as the quickest path to the exit, and many to enjoy the post-show party. Instantly, a host of waiters appeared, ready to oblige with trays of various nibbles and libations. Because a sturdy cocktail will always be a part of New York life.