Marcelo Burlon , former king of milanese nights, reality TV star, protagonist of the recently released documentary “Uninvited” has been one of the most loved designers of Milan Fashion Week in these days


The County of Milan show in Milan Fashion Week was a case in point.

The fashion was quite basic: pure unadulterated streetwear for the metropolitan street gangs who favour swag and a certain fierceness, and like their clothing clean in lines and bold in graphics.

A guy performing BMX bike tricks offered some context to Marcelo Burlon’s latest collection.

Sure, he was in the center of a dark exhibition hall, but he could have been anywhere—the East Village, Venice Beach, La République in Paris—doing the same thing.

As it turns out, a large number of the runway cast—few of them professional models and some of them rappers from the group Dark Polo Gang—came from all over.

What made the biggest impression was Burlon’s wonderful cast of serious misfits.

It lifted the whole endeavour to cinematic heights. As for the collection, it added little to the proceedings. Burlon’s recipe needs a little refresh at this point.

Not a big one, just a tweak before it gets boring. And Marcelo Burlon knows how to do that.

“The people who wear my clothes want to belong to my world; that’s why my graphics are so recognizable,” he said. “They end up having this in common; and it brings people together.”

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