From sport to the street to the runway, sneakers are now the undisputed protagonists of the most diverse outfits

Practicality and versatility

In another article we talked about a timeless icon of femininity represented by the décolleté, however there is another type of shoe that has now become part of those fashion trends that in one way or another never leave the scene. Thanks to their undisputed versatility, practicality, comfort and customization, sneakers have for years now been a must have in the women’s wardrobe, starting from the most sporty everyday versions to the most luxurious of the exception. With the entry into the fashion system, largely determined by many stars who use them continuously, sneakers have become a strength to combine with the most diverse outfits, thanks to their ability to adapt to multiple styles, to the needs of each season. truly satisfying every personal taste. Who would have thought that sports shoes could be so cool? Recent research on buying behavior has shown that 2022 will mark the primacy of the great return of nineties sneakers, such as New Balance and Converse, followed by a growing interest in platform sneakers proposed by luxury brands such as Alexander McQueen, Balmain and Tom Ford. Sustainability and performance are other keywords, and therefore quality, frequently associated with the search for sneakers by the public. Among the iconic retro models, the Converse brand continues to establish itself on the market and among the tastes of stars and the general public. Its strength is that it can count on a history of well over a hundred years! The first Converse All Star was born in 1917 and was designed exclusively for basketball players. Its beginnings did not immediately arouse great success until the basketball champion Chuck Taylor consecrated them to be the icon even today they still represent. From the seventies onwards, I have also become a key symbol of expression of phenomena of youth social rebellion and subcultures. The essential design has made possible that continuous reinterpretation that has allowed continuity and charm. But for those looking for height and comfort at the same time, there is the trend of sneakers with oversized platforms that are truly at the center of a moment of great interest. This type was born from a specific personal need of the French stylist Isabel Marant who decided to add layers of cork to her shoes in the first decade of the 2000s because she wanted to be taller: sneakers with heels allow you to optimize comfort and at the same time slim the figure. The platform sneakers perfectly express the hybrid capacity of these shoes capable of contaminating ugly and streetwear requests. It’s sneakers mania 2022! Which one do you choose? Discover the new SS22 collection by Michele Franzese Moda available online and in boutiques.