From the meeting between Alanui and designer Greg Lauren, a small luxury capsule with a free spirit was born


In Hawaiian “Alanui” means “wide walk” and since, in 2016, they founded their knitwear line that has made of the travel theme one of the cardinal principles, the Carlotta brothers and Nicolò Oddi of the street in the fashion world have traveled .

Now the brand, among the interpreters of a new vague of luxury – and that soon expanded its horizons with collections of clothing for women and men -, arrives at its first collaboration with a designer.

“Greg Lauren’s experimental and unique approach we like a lot,” explained Carlotta, who oversees Alanui‘s aesthetics, in a recent interview “the way he first destroys and then creates something really new”.

The Los Angeles designer (48 years old, nephew of the very famous Ralph) met the Oddi in 2017, while he presented his collaboration (500 leaders all unstructured) with Moncler.

With this capsule, from December in stores, Lauren has dismantled and rebuilt in a patchwork of denim, fleece and military garments eight unisex models – kimono jackets, hooded sweatshirts and cardigans, all intrinsically unique for the production mode.

“I hope everyone can find in these items a trace of what they love,” says the designer, “but in an unexpected way. The collection is halfway between past and future and contains elements of the new global community”.

Alanui is always an expression of the digital bohemian style, but now, in Lauren’s hands, he acquires a harder and anarchic trait.

And already the Oddi announce future collaborations. This is only the first leg of the journey.